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SPOC Drives

SPOC Drives


Blade Automation an official channel partner of SPOC Automation. We are proud to sell and support SPOC’s world leading drives and pump off controllers.

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Ironhorse rod pump drives


IronHorse drives, with the sensorless pump off controller (SPOC), allows you to slow your rod pump automatically at pump off, rather than stopping the motor and shutting down the well.


IronHorse literally pays for itself through reduced energy costs. IronHorse can produce energy savings of 10% to 40% over wells without a variable frequency drive; our average customer reports savings of about 20%


Pump off controller: Revelation


 All the information you need in a one package. Simple to install. Simple to operate. Simple to maintain. 


Real-time information on the performance of your well in a clear, easily readable format.


Revelation is built to integrate with any VFD or motor controller. It can even be retrofitted in the field to work with VFDs on existing wells.


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